I'm an EXOstand. I post anything about kpop, kfashion, and ulzzang on this blog.
Please do not reedit or reupload my edits on any website.
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mayorjimdarling said: Recently you posted nine pretty outfits (one dress is mint green and puffy!) is there a website that sells them that you know of? :3

do you mean this post http://brandnewseoul.tumblr.com/post/49923594479 ? i find that photo on a japan web.. they sell it, but i forget the address >< sorry.. i will tell you when i remember.. sorry!!

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victoriagalancoronado said: Hey, that photo editor you get to put those filters so cute * - * I live in love with them. I really appreciate it that you told me. And if they are action is in photoshop, or do you? You're beautiful. thank you advanced?

thank you so muchhh haha image

i use photoshop and sometime i use photofiltre too 

Dandy And Fresh!

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TOKYO SKYTREE by yukki.. on Flickr.

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